Marseille – France


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Foto 30-06-17 11 22 25People haven’t been very convincing when it comes to Marseille, most people said it’s not worth a visit and that I would be better off in Nice. I can’t deny it, Marseille looked dirty and felt a bit scary. Although the old center is nice to walk through and the cathedral is very pretty, it is definitely not the most beautiful city of France. Anyways, I went to Marseille for another reason: I wanted to discover the Parc National des Calanques that is close.

My travel buddy and I took a bus (21) from the center towards Luminy, the last stop, which leaves you at one of the entrances of the park. We only had one day and since our hiking skills are pretty much zero, we only visited Calanque de Sugiton. To visit this one, you have to walk about 45 min.

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We weren’t really lucky because, it was Saturday and there were plenty of people, but still the place was amazing. The water is so clear and with the mountains on the background, it makes the perfect picture. I definitely want to go back and see some more of this park!

About Marseille itself, as I said, the cathedral is pretty so go and check that out if you’re there. You can also visit a fort that shows a nice view on the city.

Foto 30-06-17 11 09 42

After Marseille, we headed of to Nice, the most touristic city in the South of France. You can read about it in my next article. If you want to follow my trip through France, you can do this on my Instagram and Facebook.

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