Dinard / Saint-Malo – France


The last cities we visited in the north of France. After some great experiences in Normandy, we crossed the border to Bretagne to relax a bit on the beach. 

We actually just picked out Dinard because it was easy to get there by bus, but we were genuinely surprised by its beauty. 

We stayed here 2 nights and, in the meantime we also visited Saint-Malo and St-Briac. The bus to Saint-Malo costs 2 euros and, takes you to the train station where you have to take another shuttle to the historical center. Was it worth it? Well, we weren’t very lucky with the weather but Saint-Malo is definitely a city where you should spend one day when you’re in the north of France. 

We walked around during 2 hours and, passed by a place called Timothy that called our attention. They serve cake, but huge portions! So obviously, we tried them. It was delicious, when you’re in Saint-Malo, you should definitely go. 

Furthermore, in Dinard, you can take a great walk on a small path that separates you between sea and land. It’s not that long, so anyone can do it!

We also visited St-Briac, on a one hour drive from Dinard. This is a typical village of Bretagne. We went to a small market that was going on and ate a galette with sausage, typical from here and just delicious! 

So that was it for the north of France. Next thing we did was Paris, which I’ll probably won’t be writing about, but you can check out my top 8 must-see’s in Paris on the blog.

So next thing coming up is Marseille. You can follow my trip through France on Instagram and Facebook

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