Mont Saint-Michel – France 


Our thirt destination was, until now, my personal favorite: Le Mont St-Michel. 

This astonishing abbey in the north of France attracts a lot of tourists, but still it’s able to take you back to the Middle Ages. 

It sometimes surprises me when people visit France they only go to Paris. This little island is at only a 4 hour drive from Paris, so you can’t miss out on it. 

You can visit the abbey in one day, but I recommend you staying the night, because the experience is very different. Furthermore, it is a lot cheaper to stay close to Mont St-Michel instead of on the island itself. There are free buses that take you  there every 10 minutes. 

Another useful tip is to go prepared. Take water with you and good shoes because it is a long way up. Eating in Mont Saint-Michel is a little bit more expensive but doable. 

Have in mind that the times of the tides change daily, you can check out the timetable almost in every village close to Mont St-Michel or at the entrance. 

Up next is Dinard and Saint-Malo, before we head off to the capital of France: Paris. You can follow my trip through France on Instagram and on Facebook.

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