Le Havre – France 


After leaving Rouen, we went to Le Havre. I had no idea what to expect from this city, the only thing I knew about it was, that one of the biggest harbors of France is located here. 

This time, we used Couchsurfing and we had a great host who helped us find our way through Le Havre. 

Although we only actually spent one day walking around (we needed some time off on the beach :)), we were able to see what Le Havre is about. 

First, we visited La Cadène, a monument made by Vincent Ganivet. It is made of two towers of  colorful containers, located in the harbour. 

If you walk from this monument to the beach, you also come across a museum of modern arts. There is currently an exposition of Pierre and Gilles. Furthermore, you can visit the Saint-Jospeh church and be surprised by its design. 

The beach in Le Havre is rocky, but it is a nice place to relax and enjoy the sunset. 

Next up: Le Mont Saint-Michel . You can follow my trip through France on Facebook and on Instagram

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