Rouen – France

Rouen was our first stop in Normandy and it was a suprisingly good start. It has everything a Norman town has to have. Its cathedral and its constant view on it makes it the perfect picture. 
With a map in our hands, we went around the city to visit the beautiful churches the city offers. But even if you only walk around trough the little streets, you will be amazed. There is also a light show projected on te cathedral that you can watch every night at 11pm. 

But it’s not only its views, its also its food. We tried galletes, originally from Bretagny but, also very common here, and we loved it. It’s a sort of salty pancake and you can take anything you want on it. 

Next stop is Le Havre. We have been struggling a bit with finding cheap hostels in France so this time we are doing Couchsurfing. It’s always nice to meet locals! If you want to follow my trip through France you can do that on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. I always used to think of Rouen just as a town to pass through en route to the south of France, but it’s a lovely place to stop over.

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    1. ambrassie says:

      I honestly didn’t know it is this pretty!

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