Copacabana – Isla Del Sol (Bolivia)


“The Island of The Sun”, a place I had never heard of before, until a friend of mine took me there. When I hear people talking about Copacabana, I automatically think about Rio de Janeiro, which I think everybody does, but believe me, besides water, they have nothing in common.

To gCopacabana3et to Copacabana, you have to take a four-hour “bus” ride from La Paz, not to say, the worst ride of my life. Really, buses in Bolivia aren’t the best on Earth, I knew that, but that ride I really suffered. I could not believe that such a touristic route was in that kind of state. We went during a holiday, which made driving back to La Paz on a Sunday even more hellish. But hey, even after all that, I still recommend you to go, so that means something :). Copacabana2

On one hand, Copacabana itself is not breathtaking. I would like to believe it used to be, but with all the tourists there nowadays, I guess it has lost a bit of its magic. During my whole trip through Bolivia, (and I forgot to mention this), I noticed a lot of places are ruined by its garbage. For example, when we climbed hill Calvario, to me, this amazing place of nature and peace just looked and felt awful because of all the litter.

Isla Del Sol2

On the other handIsla Del Sol1, the thing that Copacabana offers that I did love is Isla Del Sol. An island, so particularly peaceful and beautiful, that it left me speechless. It’s the most amazing thing to stand there, look at the horizon, and see the Andes. That was definitely a highlight of the trip. Sadly, we weren’t able to visit the whole island, but, that gives me a good reason to come back. I would have loved to spend the night here.

How to get there?

Isla del Sol is not that easy to reach, I mean, you first have to travel to Copacabana, where they offer you the tour. This will cost you about 120 bol, you can choose between a whole day or only half a day. When they offered us the excursion, there was a conflict going on on the north part of the island, so we did not get to go there, but we were told several times that this is the nicest part so don’t miss it!





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  1. The pictures do look stunning. I also know what you mean about heavily-touristed places. We are all entitled to see the world yet, when follows act like sheeple and follow one another to these spots they get overrun. Overrun, played out and it does diminish from the experience. With that being said…..the place still looks brilliant 😉


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