Potosí (Bolivia)

“Potosí, Potosí, ya sale!”, I have never heard this many people screaming in a busstation. The sellers scream out every possible destination, which makes no sense because between all the voices you end up understanding nothing.  As we  travel further and further into Bolivia we’re realizing the culture is very different. It’s amazing to see how people live here. 

We visited Potosí in two days. The town is on a height of 3900 meters and we could feel that. Every single step we took felt like we were running a marathon (really I’m not exaggerating) . But besides that, every step was worth it! What a beautiful small town. With its little markets and lovely plaza, Potosí is perfect to spend a day or two.

On our first day, we just walked around to get to know the city. On the second day, we went to the highest point of Potosí to check out the view. Absolutely recommendable.

Next up is Copacabana, where we are staying also two days. We said goodbye to our co-travelers and are now (again) on the bus ready to travel some more.

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